Factual Wriley

Aug 3

Behold the "Black Panther coloring book," which is supposedly something the FBI created, or so claims the Black Panthers. Regardless of the fact if it was or wasn’t, the Black Panthers have tried to distance themselves away from this series of images. Yet, somehow, Tumblr has spam these images around with little sayings of "Printing for my children" or "What my kids will have if I have any" and other such items that I’m going to basically paraphrase.

For whatever reason, it seems Tumblr refuses to actually investigate or simply do a reverse image search before posting something as obnoxious and damaging as the above. Either way, here’s something to point and laugh at.

A supposed FBI plant that SJWs have taken up and rallied around… brilliant, if it truly was the FBI decades ago. I wonder if they ever thought a bunch of ignorant teens and 20 somethings would take the above so seriously as to claim that they’ll give it to their kids?